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Blog > Guide to use IPSEM Squared Recruit

How To Manage Applicants in IPSEM Squared Recruit

  1. Once you have registered, go to IPSEM Squared Recruit homepage and click on My Account on top-right of the page.
  2. From your IPSEM Squared Recruit dashboard, click on the Job Postings tab.
  3. To manage applicants, you need to click on # applicants as highlighted below.
  4.  There are 7 stages in our recruitment pipeline that you can use to manage and organise your recruitment and hiring process:

    I.      Sourced/Applied

    II.     Screening

    III.     1st Round Interviews

    IV.     Assessment

    V.     2nd Round Interviews

    VI.     Unsuccessful – all rejected candidates should sit under this tab. Please note that you should notify the candidate of changes in their status. The system will not contact them

    VII.     Offer

    VIII.     Hired – All hired candidates should be under this tab

    You can drag the candidate’s card to move them to the next stage.
  5. Click on the candidate profile to view their details:

    1)   Candidate Name

    2)   Email address

    3)   Phone number

    4)   Date applied

    5)   Status – you can change the stage by clicking on the drop down

    6)   Candidate’s desired job title

    7)   Candidate’s address

    8)   Categories

    9)   Desired job type

    10) Personal Summary

    11) Resume file – Click to download their CV for more details

    12) Contact candidate – contact candidates via the IPSEM Squared Recruit system

    13) Notes – for recruiters to add any notes for the specific candidate.

  6. If you want to close the job ad after you hired the candidates you need, you can deactivate your job by going back to Job Postings tab and select deactivate.


    i. If you need more help, you may reach out to us at