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Blog > Guide to use IPSEM Squared Recruit

How To Post A Single Job Ad on IPSEM Squared Recruit

  1. Once registered, go to IPSEM Squared Recruit homepage and click on My Account on top-right of the page.
  2. From your IPSEM Squared Recruit dashboard, click on the Job Postings tab and select Post A Job.
  3. You can choose any product that suits your ad.
  4. Choose your payment method – Credit Card, PayPal Express or PayPal Standard. You may insert your discount code if you have any.
  5. Once payment has been made, you can fill up all the job details.

    Job Title

    Choose a title that is attractive and commonly used

    Job Type

    Choose the right the job type:

    • Full time
    • Part-time
    • Contract
    • Intern
    • Seasonal
    • Freelance

    Position Level

    The position level is based on the year(s) of experience required from your candidate.


    Specify if the job is remote, onsite or hybrid. If the job is onsite or hybrid, you are required to provide the specific location address.

    Salary Range

    You are encouraged to display the salary details as it tends to attract more candidates.

    Job Description

    The job description should be descriptive enough so that candidates understand if they are qualified for the advertised job. It should include a specific type of work, how that work will be completed, the skills required for the work and the purpose of the work.


    Select the appropriate categories that match the job advertised. You may select more than one category.

    How To Apply

    Specify whether you want the candidates to apply through email.  If you have your own recruitment software, you can link this via the URL option. To make the recruitment process easier, we would recommend you use the Recruitment Pipeline Management tool in the system. This will allow you to have all activities in one place.

    Expiration Date

    Specify the date you want to stop advertising your open role.

  6. Once finished, you can click on Preview button to review the job ad.
  7. You may click on edit if you want to update the job ad. Otherwise, you can click Post to advertise on our job board.



i.         You can always edit your job ad even after you posted it.

ii.        If you need more help, you may reach out to us at